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Mar 30 2012

dream sled dog

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Mar 29 2012

sled dog

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Mar 28 2012

acting cool

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Mar 27 2012


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Mar 26 2012

crack in the crystal ball

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If this rate continues to change at the SAME RATEā€¦

Mar 23 2012

oh man let me stop everything i’m doing and listen to all of them

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Mar 22 2012


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I can’t even tell you how many crappy Tooth and Nail bands I’ve already forgotten about – the 90s are looking better all the time.

Mar 21 2012

and then we will spend about $2 on your band

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Mar 20 2012

make up your mind

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Mar 19 2012


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Mar 16 2012

had to go back

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Mar 15 2012

life in the FAST LANE

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Mar 14 2012


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Mar 13 2012

pandering can be hard work

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Mar 12 2012

sweet potato

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Mar 9 2012

just seems

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It just seems like this is some people’s only reason for believing anything.

Mar 8 2012

true or not

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Mar 7 2012

standard deviation

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Mar 6 2012

watching sports

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Mar 5 2012


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Mar 2 2012

live longer

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A favorite definition of forgiveness:

“It happened, it mattered, and I forgive you.”

Mar 1 2012

ding ding ding

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